Goodbye, Unitarian Universalism

*This blog post is a follow up to Why I’m Not A Unitarian Universalist *

In my previous post about Unitarian Universalism, I said that I would talk more about my problems with Unitarian Universalism in future posts.

Now that I’ve sat with the idea of that project for a week and some change, I’ve decided against it. I’ve moved past that part of my life, and to talk anymore about this topic would be me holding onto something I’ve already separated from. I’ve worked through my experience and have no need to talk about it anymore.

The focus of my life right now is answering my call for ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church, and I want my blog to be about where I am now and where I am headed with some reflection on where I’ve been.

Yesterday I had coffee with a dear friend, who is very involved with my local Unitarian Universalist congregation. She told me about all the work that is being done to correct the problems of that congregation. The leadership has worked with a consultant to identify what areas need improvement and the leadership is putting together committees to address these issues.

I applaud them for taking that step; self-awareness and change are hard work. I wish my local congregation the best as the engage in this work.  The denomination didn’t work out for me, but I do have some positive memories from the time I spent at that congregation and so many of the people I met there are still dear friends of mine.

And so it with that sentiment that I bid Unitarian Universalism goodbye. It wasn’t the right religion for me, but I will hold my local congregation and the larger denomination in my thoughts and prayers.



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