on being employed again

I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like because a couple of weeks ago I started a new job that I absolutely love.  The job is a perfect fit for me; it gives me an opportunity to strengthen and expand my skill set while allowing me to do something I love and giving me a great sense of purpose.

I’m feeling ridiculously grateful and incredibly happy.

I’ll talk more in detail about the job in a future post; I promise.

I had been unemployed for about a year and then had a temporary job and then lost that, so having a stable, full-time job feels wonderful.  I also love the structure it gives my daily routine.  Being unemployed, the days all bleed together and the measurements of time become irrelevant because it’s harder to find purpose and meaning.  It’s also emotional exhausting to be without purpose.

Being employed means I am able to breathe again and live intentionally and think about my long-term goals again.  I’m currently creating a list of things I’d like to accomplish in the next year and beyond. 

I also feel normal again, like a human being.  In this culture jobs make up such a huge portion of a person’s identity, and to not have that was demoralizing.  Socializing was hard because a common topic of conversation is work, and to not have that to talk about.

But now, not only am I feeling reconnected to myself, but more importantly, to myself.



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