Winter Morning

Winter Morning

The view from my apartment this morning filled me with a sense of gratitude.

I’m grateful that I get to witness such beautiful sights.
I’m so grateful for my lovely apartment.
I’m grateful that I have a job that is so challenging and rewarding.
I’m grateful for my family, especially my sister.
I’m grateful for the family cat.
I’m grateful for my dear friends who make up my extended family.
I’m grateful for my church family.
I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to be apart of the Angel Tree program at my church. I’m doubly grateful that I’ve been had the chance to participate in Angel Tree programs every year since I was in middle school.
I’m grateful for days off from the world.
I’m grateful for wonderful books and insightful documentaries and entertaining TV shows.
I’m grateful for the dinner I’m about to prepare.
I’m grateful for the lazy, restful day I had today.
I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had.
I’m grateful for my education.
I’m grateful that all my immediate needs are satisfied.



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