long time gone (the importance of goals)

I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not the most diligent blogger, but instead of focusing on that, let’s celebrate the fact that I’ve returned to this blog.

So, what’s been happening with my life?

Well, I’m still working in workforce development. I’m still pretty active in a Christian church.

I’ve started working on getting myself organized so that I can apply to grad school and get my Masters. This is something I’ve always wanted to accomplish, and I think it’s time for me to realize this goal. I want to get my Masters in either English or History. I’m currently working on my personal statement and creating a career vision board for myself.

In addition to that goal, I want to get back into writing in this blog on a more regular basis. I think it will be good for me. I enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing my thoughts, feelings, ect with other people. It’s also important. So, here we go again.

My other goal is to become healthier. I’ve not been taking care of myself lately and that has to stop. I have to develop better habits and be better to myself. I’ll also do my best to document that journey in this space. I’m thinking that that will help create some accountability for me.

Clearly, I’ve been thinking about goals a lot lately. Goals are important, and I realize that I’ve forgotten that. As I mentioned previously, I haven’t been taking care of myself, and part of that is that I’ve stepped setting goals for myself. I’ve stopped envisioning what I want for myself and have instead just gotten so caught up in thinking about the short-term, what’s happening immediately. I’m now working on creating a vision board

So, you might be wondering, what’s the moment that initiated all of this? It’s because of what I do for a living – everyday I see people who are either passive and unsure and don’t improve their lives. But I also meet inspirational people who set goals for themselves and succeed and improve their lives. I want to live up to my potential. I want to live the life I’ve always imagined for myself. I’m sick of sitting on the sidelines and accepting mediocrity. I’m going to start living that potential and being that true version of myself today.



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